He’s Arithmetic, I’m Geometric


For parents and teachers seeking instructional clarity and understanding of K-12 math concepts for kids, He's Arithmetic, I'm Geometric, written and edited by experienced math educators, offers a simple communication of concepts in number sense and operations involving arithmetic and geometric sequences. Aligned to the NCTM standards, the math comic explores number terms, sequences and series, delivered through a cartoon chess puzzle adventure. Read more.


Assessments by Professional Educators

“As for the mathematical content, I think the introduction to sequences is excellent and it’s nice that readers are given a general expression for deriving the value of any of the terms in Arithmetic’s tail” (Read full review)

— © Professor Michelle Lacey, PhD, Statistics, Yale University

“Students will be introduced to big ideas that are introduced step-by-step to make sure they understand. If your children like to play games, this is a great way to introduce them to the connection between math knowledge and problem solving.” (Read full review)

— © Monica Burns, Apple Distinguished Educator, 5th Grade NYC math teacher, George Lucas Educational Foundation Contributor

“I loved the graphics, character names, and how they tie into the game of chess.”

— © Anthony DiLaura, Apple Distinguished Educator, High School math teacher, Zeeland Public Schools, Michigan (USA)

eBook Description

A haunting math secret lurks in a Louisiana bayou! Follow the series and sequences in our number learning mystery, and find out why the Geometric caterpillar’s common ratio is a French quarter, as we party with the jazz hearts of New Orleans!

Kids must solve the arithmetic caterpillar, and find the 5th term in Geometric’s sequence to win checkmate, or risk becoming the hungry caterpillar’s 5th term gumbo for dinner! Includes Sudoku puzzle.

Information for Parents and Teachers

Suitable for students at U.S. grade 7 math level and above, He’s Arithmetic, I’m Geometric is a short story extension to the Harvard- and MIT-supported math learning aid, Yamie Chess School Assistant, recommended by School Library Journal and developed by experienced math teachers with decades of classroom teaching experience. Our young chess hero, eight-year-old Kimi, returns to his friends in the secret Mind Kingdom to learn fun math skills for school.

He’s Arithmetic, I’m Geometric offers an engaging math adventure for struggling-to-gifted learners, focused on number sense and operations, and concisely communicated in clear and simple language by professional math teachers. Students learn how to evaluate, analyze and manipulate math sequences, terms and series, understand relationships and properties of common differences and ratios, and find the n-th term in an arithmetic sequence.

The integrated chess puzzle is adapted from the King’s Gambit game played between American chess player Paul Morphy and an unrecorded amateur that took place in New Orleans, Louisiana, 1858.

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Yamie Chess Ltd.

Series Math Editor

Gerardo Morabito, B.S., Mechanical Engineering, California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

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International Master Thomas J. Bartell (USA), 4-time New Jersey and Pennsylvania Chess Champion.

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Grades 7 and Up

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