The Math King of Dallas


Written and edited by teachers in the clear and concise Yamie Chess style of simple communication of key math concepts for children, The Math King of Dallas, with its fun cartoon story about a baby elephant from Texas, offers students an easy way to explore relationships in linear algebra. The math content covers the basic rules of algebra, including the addition and multiplication properties of equality, the laws of exponents, and the fundamentals of geometry. Aligned to the NCTM standards, embark on Dallas' very own cartoon chess puzzle adventure for math education. Read more.


Assessments by Professional Educators

“The coverage of points, lines, rays, and solving simple equations of the form “x + b = c” or “ax = c” is very clearly presented and I really like the fact that readers get a lot of practice with learning a single concept throughout the comic.” (Read full review)

— © Professor Michelle Lacey, PhD, Statistics, Yale University

“With this comic book students will explore a variety of key concepts necessary for middle school math success. They’ll have to interact with equations and will learn terms like variables and integers.” (Read full review)

— © Monica Burns, Apple Distinguished Educator, 5th Grade NYC math teacher, George Lucas Educational Foundation Contributor

“This is great for early Key Stage 3 (ages 11-13) and possibly as an introduction to students when they return to algebra in year 10.” (Read full review)

— © Kirsten van Niekerk, Apple Distinguished Educator, Assistant Head of Senior School (Key Stage 3); Head of Math Faculty, Dulwich College Suzhou, China

eBook Description

A magical math secret awaits on Harry Hines Boulevard outside the Dallas Children’s Medical Center! In this thrilling math adventure with the Yamie Chess cast, you’ll meet Morphy, the Texan baby elephant who promises to give you the power to making algebra make sense!

Discover how to balance both sides of a linear algebra equation, and learn why points, lines and rays are so awesome!

Follow the math carefully and you’ll win checkmate over the dark King Vigdor and the Chromemunchers. Only you have the math skills to grant little Morphy, the most beautiful baby elephant ever, his magical last wish. Includes Sudoku puzzle.

Information for Parents and Teachers

Suitable for students at U.S. grade 6 math level and above, The Math King of Dallas is a short story extension to the Harvard- and MIT-supported math learning aid, Yamie Chess School Assistant, recommended by School Library Journal and developed by experienced math teachers with decades of classroom teaching experience.

Through an exciting cartoon algebra adventure for struggling-to-gifted learners, communicated by professional math teachers in clear and concise language, students learn the fundamentals of geometry. Kids are taught how to construct, handle and evaluate linear algebraic equations and their properties and lay a firm foundation of the basic rules of algebra including the addition and multiplication properties of equality and laws of exponents.

The Math King of Dallas also provides an opportunity to explore complementary and supplementary angles.

The integrated chess puzzle is adapted from a well-known chess game that took place one evening in Paris, France in 1858 at the famous Italian Opera House (during a live performance of composer Vincenzo Bellini’s opera Norma) between American chess player, Paul Morphy, and the Duke of Brunswick and Count Isouard.

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EDU029010 Education / Teaching Methods & Materials / Mathematics; JNF035000 Juvenile Nonfiction / Mathematics / General; JNF035020 Juvenile Nonfiction / Mathematics / Algebra; MAT000000 Mathematics / General; MAT002000 Mathematics / Algebra / General; MAT002050 MATHEMATICS / Algebra / Linear; MAT012000 MATHEMATICS / Geometry / General; MAT025000 Mathematics / Recreations & Games; CGN004070 Comics & Graphic Novels / Science Fiction


Yamie Chess Ltd.

Series Math Editor

Gerardo Morabito, B.S., Mechanical Engineering, California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

Classic Chess Editor

International Master Thomas J. Bartell (USA), 4-time New Jersey and Pennsylvania Chess Champion.

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Grades 6 and Up

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82 pages

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