Yamie Chess: The Adventures of Tigermore and the Mind Angels


Available now in eBook format, Yamie Chess: The Adventures of Tigermore and the Mind Angels is the School Library Journal-endorsed children's graphic novel, written and edited by math teachers working with United States national chess masters. Originally published as the partner math book in our interactive math learning aid, the work offers clear, concise and NCTM-aligned math lessons on algebra, number sense and operations, geometry, data analysis and measurement to build cognitive thinking for school. Read more.


Assessments by Professional Educators

“Research has shown that, by itself, learning to play chess is tied to better logical reasoning and stronger performance in math. Yamie Chess adds to this by integrating both mathematical content and math puzzles into the text.

The puzzles include both relatively standard ‘textbook’ problems to reinforce what a child learns in school, and more interesting ‘mindteasers’ that will help to extend that material. Most importantly there is a focus on explaining as well as just solving problems. For example, the book includes a discussion (again, integrated into the storyline) of why the area of a triangle is given by the familiar formula.

This is in line with the current trend in school math toward asking why as much as asking how.” (Read full review)

— © Professor Michael Ching, PhD, Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Next to the chessic aspects, the mathematical topics are at the center of the book: Here the readers are exposed to sets and Venn diagrams, numbers and raising them to powers, fractions and triangles including the theorem of Pythagoras.

In terms of special numbers, the Fibonacci sequence appears. And even probability and randomness are addressed at an elementary level. All this is done in a friendly and attractive way.

In addition, both the chessic and the mathematical themes are enriched with multiple-choice problems. Without exception, they are well chosen and all of them are appropriate for the specific grades.” (Read full review)

— © Professor Christian Hesse, PhD, Mathematics, Harvard University

“Mathematics problems are interspersed through the text and will both expose children to important mathematical results (e.g., Venn diagrams, finding the area of a triangle, and unit cancellation) and allow them opportunity to grow in mathematical reasoning. Problems are labeled by grade level, allowing parents and teachers to target problems for students.

The range of problems is such that students will find opportunities to use ideas with which they are already comfortable, as well as to explore new mathematical ideas.

My own children (ages 7 and 9) were very interested in the book; they reported that both the story and the chess game were very exciting.” (Read full review)

— © Professor Ashley Ahlin, PhD, Mathematics, University of Chicago

“The problems are clearly marked by grade level and were written to tie into the NCTM standards. Solutions are provided in the back with ample explanation and diagrams to show how some of the more complex problems are solved. These questions give a depth to the story and provide differentiation for any age student in grades K-8.

As a teacher, I always am looking for activities, lessons, and products that will raise the bar for the children in my classroom.

With The Adventures of Tigermore and the Mind Angels, this product addresses both different levels in the classroom and teaches critical thinking to all.” (Read full review)

— © Mrs Jena Philips, MEd, 8th Grade Science Teacher, Northern Arizona University

“As a middle school math teacher I see the value of Yamie Chess in an educational setting. This is a wonderful enrichment activity that can be used to spark more students’ interest in learning the game of chess while increasing mathematical thinking.

While reading the interactive comic players come across algebra, geometry, number sense, measurement and data analysis concepts. The problems range in difficulty allowing students to be re-taught math skills or enriched.

The game also relates the chessboard to a coordinate grid allowing students to think about their movements mathematically with each square being a coordinate location.” (Read full review)

— © Elizabeth Gates, BA, Illinois 7th Grade Math Teacher, Miami University

eBook Description

First published in softcover for Yamie Chess’ nationally award-winning math learning aid that won School Library Journal‘s Best Education Pick of 2014, and now available for the first time in eBook format, Yamie Chess: The Adventures of Tigermore and the Mind Angels is a supplemental math education aid written by experienced teachers that requires no prior experience of chess.

Designed as a children’s graphic novel for math education, the work is aligned with the NCTM Curriculum Focal Points in algebra, geometry, numbers and operations, measurement and data analysis.

Teaching children from 5 to 12 years old important math and science classroom skills for STEM education, the comic can be read as a standalone adventure story for supplemental math study, at home and at school, or used by beginners to learn chess from scratch.

The book’s instructions encourage kids to use the material with any classic chess set they have available, to aid their understanding of chess, and reenact the integrated European chess game that unfolds through the story. It’s a historic game in fact, that took place between Grandmasters Johannes Zukertort and GM Adolf Anderssen in Berlin, Germany in 1865.

With artwork from ex-Disney illustrators, the story follows 8-year-old Kimi as he travels to the Mind Kingdom, a secret universe ruled by chess where all the cartoon characters are the classic chess pieces from the boardgame, to learn math skills for school.

Information for Parents and Teachers

The math comic features important educational benefits for children:

  1. Written by veteran math teachers: Yamie Chess: The Adventures of Tigermore and the Mind Angels was developed by experienced U.S. math teachers from America’s top universities including: Caltech, Columbia, Stanford, Vanderbilt and MIT – the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  2. Math practice for 5 – 12 year olds: Useful for practicing math with the kids at home on tablets and smartphones, the softcover version is already being used in after-school classes and indoor recess. Yamie Chess offers supportive and carefully designed math learning material and puzzles to help budding learners to boost their math skills for school.
  3. Learn classic chess from scratch: No prior experience is needed to play Yamie Chess, the book teaches children the basics of the game including how the pieces move, basic chess strategy and then with the comic story enables children to work through a historical European chess game with the cartoon characters, giving kids’ an immediate understanding and context to their newly learned knowledge.
  4. Grade key for learners: With a friendly cartoon background story that can be universally enjoyed by elementary and middle school children, the math puzzles and problems woven through the text and illustrations are keyed at each step with their corresponding U.S. grade school level to help parents and teachers isolate material to challenge and explore work in line with homestudy and school courses. For example, the note “Grade 3” next to a math concept in the text would indicate that the level of the problem is great for introducing that particular math concept to 3rd graders, that 4th to 8th graders should be able to understand and complete that problem as revision work, and that 1st and 2nd graders could either attempt to approach the problem or skip it and return in the future when they feel more ready. There is a wide variety of math problems aimed at each age group.
  5. Hints and explained answers: To make the eBook more interactive, a button link to the answer is provided next to each math problem in the text, with hints to trigger lateral thinking and full explanations for the more challenging problems included in the eBook’s linked appendix.
  6. 250+ imaginative cartoons: To help comprehension and understanding of the math concepts, the work features a great many imaginative and beautifully shaded illustrations designed by top ex-Disney animators.

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EDU029010 Education / Teaching Methods & Materials / Mathematics; JNF035030 Juvenile Nonfiction / Mathematics / Arithmetic; JNF035000 Juvenile Nonfiction / Mathematics / General; JNF035020 Juvenile Nonfiction / Mathematics / Algebra; JNF035050 Juvenile Nonfiction / Mathematics / Geometry; JNF035040 Juvenile Nonfiction / Mathematics / Fractions; CGN004070 Comics & Graphic Novels / Science Fiction; MAT000000 Mathematics / General; MAT006000 Mathematics / Counting & Numeration; MAT025000 Mathematics / Recreations & Games


Yamie Chess Ltd.

Series Math Editor

Anna Jaffe (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Patrick Jones (University of Louisville; Vanderbilt University) Ben McGahee (University of Arizona; Western Governors University); Gerardo Morabito (California Institute of Technology); Yang Qiu (Stanford University; University of California, Berkeley); Prof. Arye Shapiro, Ph.D. (University of Arizona; Columbia University; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Classic Chess Editor

International Master Jeremy Silman; Women’s Grandmaster Jennifer Shahade (2-time USA women’s chess champion; 2002, 2004; Editor, United States Chess Federation, Chess Life Online); International Master Tom Bartell (Pennsylvania and 4-time New Jersey chess champion)

U.S. Grade School Level

Grades K – 8

Age Group

5 – 14

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386 pages

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